Black People, We NEED Better Life Insurance!

There are 6 core competencies of financial literacy: Earning, Saving, Investing, Spending, Borrowing, Protecting. With this post, I’m exploring an aspect of protecting; estate planning via life insurance.  There are 2 things that spurred this post. First, yesterday I watched a debate between two Black intellectuals as they each proposed ideas to further the economicContinue reading “Black People, We NEED Better Life Insurance!”

Lil’ Victory: Insurance

I took advantage of the holiday yesterday and used it to lower my insurance rate. The biggest victory came from changing my home insurance. With Progressive, I was paying $1,206 a year for coverage. I went to Policygenius and sent them a copy of my policy. They found coverage with a Liberty Mutual company thatContinue reading “Lil’ Victory: Insurance”