Newbie Real Estate Investing Lesson #1: Shop Around for an Agent

I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been using all of my spare time learning about real estate. I’ve dipped into the waters before but I’ve always backed out after a couple weeks, jumping to the next shiny new thing. This time is different. The past two months have been dedicated to spending time exploringContinue reading “Newbie Real Estate Investing Lesson #1: Shop Around for an Agent”

The BEST Financial Decision We’ve Made So Far

Hint: It’s about a wedding. The best financial decision the husband and I have made thus far in our relationship was one made years ago. Instead of having a wedding, we got married at a courthouse. With the money we saved, we put a down payment on our first home. Although we weren’t as financiallyContinue reading “The BEST Financial Decision We’ve Made So Far”

Spreading the Gospel of FIRE

First, I ate the frog. Feels good to be back! Like any good newb, I’m telling errybody and their momma about FIRE. Really, I’m telling errybody and my momma. I am not so proficient that I can school someone on how funds in their 401k, HSA, and IRA accounts can be withdrawn tax-free without penaltyContinue reading “Spreading the Gospel of FIRE”

Addressing the FIRE Diversity Critique

The FIRE community has a diversity problem. I get it. That’s the reason I created this platform. There are ample depictions of Black people suffering, being downtrodden, being financially poor. Part of that is based in reality, a reality created by people who created systems to keep Black people down, so they and their descendentsContinue reading “Addressing the FIRE Diversity Critique”

Teach Your Kids to House Hack

If You Only Have 1 Finance Conversation with Your Young Adult Child in 2021, Let it be This  American ideals are a trip. One in particular claims that leaving home and living on your own is a sign that parents have successfully parented, and that young adults are ready to face the world and provideContinue reading “Teach Your Kids to House Hack”