Kwanzaa Was Lit…Kinda

Reflections From My First Kwanzaa Last week marked the conclusion of my family’s first time celebrating Kwanzaa. I’ve wanted to celebrate it for years, but my husband and I’s lack of familiarity with the holiday left me feeling intimidated and trepidatious. During the Christmas season of 2020, something felt off. It was our first ChristmasContinue reading “Kwanzaa Was Lit…Kinda”

I Got A Promotion and I Feel… Sad

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems The financial independence mindset has changed the way I see so many situations. Before this year, my goal was always to earn more money and move up on the organization chart. I wanted my job title to signify importance, I was all about climbing the ladder just to feel better aboutContinue reading “I Got A Promotion and I Feel… Sad”

Rethinking Holiday Gifts on Valentine’s Day

This is the first holiday that our family will be spending with our newfound look on life and consumerism. Let’s go back to a few weeks ago when the husband and I talked about our budget for the year. We’d just calculated our annual cost of living, which comes in at around $53,000 per year.Continue reading “Rethinking Holiday Gifts on Valentine’s Day”

Living My Best Life BEFORE I Reach Financial Independence

I’m not waiting until my FIRE date to do the work I love.  So often, the story of someone on the other side of FIRE-dom consists of a person in a well-paying but unfulfilling job working hard for around a decade until they reach FI, then they retire, and start to do passion projects partContinue reading “Living My Best Life BEFORE I Reach Financial Independence”

Lessons from 2020

2020 taught me 2 things… If 2020 hadn’t been the year I became a mother and worked from home full time (from mid-March until December), I may not have been excited about FIRE. I admit, when I first learned of FIRE, I liked the idea. I thought that the retirement aspect would appeal to myContinue reading “Lessons from 2020”