Newbie Real Estate Investing Lesson #1: Shop Around for an Agent

I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been using all of my spare time learning about real estate. I’ve dipped into the waters before but I’ve always backed out after a couple weeks, jumping to the next shiny new thing. This time is different. The past two months have been dedicated to spending time exploringContinue reading “Newbie Real Estate Investing Lesson #1: Shop Around for an Agent”

Spending: Paying for Internet Guru Courses

Part 1:  I understand real estate is a lucrative business. Many people want to get in the property game, so many are afraid of making a wrong move. Those of us who aren’t ready to dive in, but are eager to armour ourselves with information, follow successful investors. Those privileged few who’ve learned what toContinue reading “Spending: Paying for Internet Guru Courses”

Big Victory: Getting the Best Rate for a Mortgage Refinance

We are currently refinancing for several reasons. First, we plan to buy a multi-family investment property within the next year, and need to refinance our current loan to make that possible. Taking advantage of the lower interest rates is just icing on the cake. When we got our first loan in 2017, the interest rateContinue reading “Big Victory: Getting the Best Rate for a Mortgage Refinance”