Lil’ Victory: Turning a Liability into an Asset with Turo

Gathering Dust, Gathering Rust We are a two car household. Since the COVID shutdown in March of 2020, my husband has been working remotely from home. Each weekday morning, I leave for the day in one car while the other sits in our driveway. This has been the case for over a year. Meanwhile, we’veContinue reading “Lil’ Victory: Turning a Liability into an Asset with Turo”

I Got A Promotion and I Feel… Sad

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems The financial independence mindset has changed the way I see so many situations. Before this year, my goal was always to earn more money and move up on the organization chart. I wanted my job title to signify importance, I was all about climbing the ladder just to feel better aboutContinue reading “I Got A Promotion and I Feel… Sad”

Side Hustle Spotlight: Focus Groups

Consumer panels/ focus groups aren’t a new idea to me. I’ve seen them portrayed on TV, and heard of people participating in them for compensation. While attending a summer program at Harvard in my teens, I participated in studies and surveys at the university for compensation. This isn’t the same as consumer panels, but theContinue reading “Side Hustle Spotlight: Focus Groups”