New Year, Same Ol’ G

Reflecting on 2022 January through June My financial journey over the past two years has been a whirlwind. I’ve learned so much about money that when speaking to potential financial advisors, their only advice was that I knew enough to manage it all myself. 2020 was a year of becoming aware of just how much…

Make Your Child a Millionaire with One Simple Tool

I had a conversation recently with a friend. It was so great I thought I had to share with the blogosphere. This post is about how you can open a Roth individual retirement account (IRA) for your child to launch them into the wealthy stratosphere. These accounts are referred to as custodial or minor Roth…

Kwanzaa Was Lit…Kinda

Reflections From My First Kwanzaa Last week marked the conclusion of my family’s first time celebrating Kwanzaa. I’ve wanted to celebrate it for years, but my husband and I’s lack of familiarity with the holiday left me feeling intimidated and trepidatious. During the Christmas season of 2020, something felt off. It was our first Christmas…


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