Black People, We NEED Better Life Insurance!

There are 6 core competencies of financial literacy: Earning, Saving, Investing, Spending, Borrowing, Protecting. With this post, I’m exploring an aspect of protecting; estate planning via life insurance.  There are 2 things that spurred this post. First, yesterday I watched a debate between two Black intellectuals as they each proposed ideas to further the economicContinue reading “Black People, We NEED Better Life Insurance!”

Book Review: Playing with FIRE

6 long weeks ago, my husband and I learned about the concept of FIRE. Wanting to learn more beyond Youtube videos and podcasts, we headed to Barnes and Noble with our little one. We had a short list of books that early retirees recommended, such as the Bogleheads Guide to Investing, Choose FI, The MillionaireContinue reading “Book Review: Playing with FIRE”

Big Victory: Getting the Best Rate for a Mortgage Refinance

We are currently refinancing for several reasons. First, we plan to buy a multi-family investment property within the next year, and need to refinance our current loan to make that possible. Taking advantage of the lower interest rates is just icing on the cake. When we got our first loan in 2017, the interest rateContinue reading “Big Victory: Getting the Best Rate for a Mortgage Refinance”

Lil’ Victory: Insurance

I took advantage of the holiday yesterday and used it to lower my insurance rate. The biggest victory came from changing my home insurance. With Progressive, I was paying $1,206 a year for coverage. I went to Policygenius and sent them a copy of my policy. They found coverage with a Liberty Mutual company thatContinue reading “Lil’ Victory: Insurance”

The BEST Financial Decision We’ve Made So Far

Hint: It’s about a wedding. The best financial decision the husband and I have made thus far in our relationship was one made years ago. Instead of having a wedding, we got married at a courthouse. With the money we saved, we put a down payment on our first home. Although we weren’t as financiallyContinue reading “The BEST Financial Decision We’ve Made So Far”

Rethinking Holiday Gifts on Valentine’s Day

This is the first holiday that our family will be spending with our newfound look on life and consumerism. Let’s go back to a few weeks ago when the husband and I talked about our budget for the year. We’d just calculated our annual cost of living, which comes in at around $53,000 per year.Continue reading “Rethinking Holiday Gifts on Valentine’s Day”

Living My Best Life BEFORE I Reach Financial Independence

I’m not waiting until my FIRE date to do the work I love.  So often, the story of someone on the other side of FIRE-dom consists of a person in a well-paying but unfulfilling job working hard for around a decade until they reach FI, then they retire, and start to do passion projects partContinue reading “Living My Best Life BEFORE I Reach Financial Independence”

Spreading the Gospel of FIRE

First, I ate the frog. Feels good to be back! Like any good newb, I’m telling errybody and their momma about FIRE. Really, I’m telling errybody and my momma. I am not so proficient that I can school someone on how funds in their 401k, HSA, and IRA accounts can be withdrawn tax-free without penaltyContinue reading “Spreading the Gospel of FIRE”