Newbie Real Estate Investing Lesson #1: Shop Around for an Agent

I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been using all of my spare time learning about real estate. I’ve dipped into the waters before but I’ve always backed out after a couple weeks, jumping to the next shiny new thing. This time is different. The past two months have been dedicated to spending time exploringContinue reading “Newbie Real Estate Investing Lesson #1: Shop Around for an Agent”

Before You Buy, See if You Can Get it for Free

I write this post atop my high horse. I am feeling pretty good about myself right now, so I must share. A little backstory, I’ve always had a frugal instinct. When I got my first job in my current state of residence, I needed work clothes. Instead of going to clothing stores, I went toContinue reading “Before You Buy, See if You Can Get it for Free”

My Dream: Black Youth Learning about Financial Literacy and Starting Businesses

My dream will no longer be deferred! I’m writing this out to think through an idea that’s been toiling around in my head for years. I have lots of “wouldn’t this be so great” ideas that I don’t follow through with. When I was little, I kept a list of inventions. The plan was toContinue reading “My Dream: Black Youth Learning about Financial Literacy and Starting Businesses”

Side Hustle Spotlight: Focus Groups

Consumer panels/ focus groups aren’t a new idea to me. I’ve seen them portrayed on TV, and heard of people participating in them for compensation. While attending a summer program at Harvard in my teens, I participated in studies and surveys at the university for compensation. This isn’t the same as consumer panels, but theContinue reading “Side Hustle Spotlight: Focus Groups”

Spending: Paying for Internet Guru Courses

Part 1:  I understand real estate is a lucrative business. Many people want to get in the property game, so many are afraid of making a wrong move. Those of us who aren’t ready to dive in, but are eager to armour ourselves with information, follow successful investors. Those privileged few who’ve learned what toContinue reading “Spending: Paying for Internet Guru Courses”

Black People, We NEED Better Life Insurance!

There are 6 core competencies of financial literacy: Earning, Saving, Investing, Spending, Borrowing, Protecting. With this post, I’m exploring an aspect of protecting; estate planning via life insurance.  There are 2 things that spurred this post. First, yesterday I watched a debate between two Black intellectuals as they each proposed ideas to further the economicContinue reading “Black People, We NEED Better Life Insurance!”

Book Review: Playing with FIRE

6 long weeks ago, my husband and I learned about the concept of FIRE. Wanting to learn more beyond Youtube videos and podcasts, we headed to Barnes and Noble with our little one. We had a short list of books that early retirees recommended, such as the Bogleheads Guide to Investing, Choose FI, The MillionaireContinue reading “Book Review: Playing with FIRE”